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Ioniser-Pro Blow

New Product Release Confirmed for Interplas Not only is this our first ever show but we are also launching our new products. The Ioniser-Pro Blow and Ioniser-Pro Blow F! The Ioniser-Pro Blow & Ioniser-Pro Blow F are DC ionising blower units are two speed, twin fan units designed for the fast flooding of your work are with static eliminating ions. The Ioniser-Pro...

Interplas seminars

Join us at Interplas 2017

Ioniser-Pro are exhibiting for the first time at Interplas 2017 and we have a surprise in store............... Preparations have begun for our stand at Interplas on 26th - 28th September at The NEC in Birmingham! The stand is designed, in print and looks awesome (even if we do say so ourselves), the flyers are ordered and our special promo gifts...

static sparks

Affects of Weather on Static Charge

Did you know that the weather can affect static charge? Well it certainly can, especially when the conditions are dry. During a heatwave (which we are experiencing at the moment) or on a dry crisp winters day you will experience an increase in static shock amongst your workforce. The use of central heating and air conditioning will also promote static...

blue heel strap

Anti-Static ESD Products

WRIST AND HEEL STRAPS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY Anti-Static grounding wrist and heel straps are now available for purchase To add to our growing line of Static Control and ESD products, we now have Anti-Static Wrist and Heel Straps available for purchase on our website!