Static Elimination Blowers

When used in conjunction with an anti-static bar, an ionising air blower extends the range of static elimination across a wide variety of applications and workspaces. The Ioniser-Pro Blow has been designed to flood broad areas with electrically balanced ions using two high-powered fans that channel charged air over specially designed DC static bars.

Air is neutralised as it passes through the unit and supported by a turbo-boost function for the fast flooding of static eliminating ions. The turbo boosted ioniser blower is a versatile unit that offers a range of benefits for different methods of elimination, including:

  • Widespread static elimination is large workspaces
  • Quick elimination of static in small spaces
  • Static control management in high airflow work areas.

Which Ionising Blower is Right for You?

Our ionising blowers are available in two models. The classic Ioniser-Pro Blow is a two speed, twin fan unit with turbo boost functionality, whilst the Ioniser-Pro Blow F has the additional feature of a special fine particulate filter. The filter is capable of removing microscopic airborne dust and pollen particles from the atmosphere, further safeguarding your workspaces from the dangers of static electricity whilst effectively managing static levels.

When is a Static Elimination Blower Preferable?

Static poses a problem for many processes, but it’s essential to know which type of anti-static device will be most effective in your individual operation. Which type of static elimination equipment is suitable for your application will depend on the nature of your workspace. Here are some examples of where a static elimination blower is well suited for optimum static removal:

Injection MouldingThe fan can be placed at static hotspots like the hopper and the point in the manufacturing line where plastic parts are released from their mould.

Plastic Moulding Collection – For effective results at the end of a production line, the Ioniser-Pro Blow can be installed over the collection bin to prevent static build-up that could cause parts to stick to the conveyor.

Cleanrooms – The Ioniser-Pro Blows were designed with cleanrooms in mind. They eliminate static in the air, keep clear air circulating, assist in maintaining a suitable temperature, and even remove odours from the space.

If you think the Ioniser-Pro Blow could be the correct antistatic solution for your workspace, or you would like more information, please give us a call on 01937 586987 and see how we can help.