ESD Straps and Accessories

Ioniser-Pro offers a range of ESD straps and accessories to ensure the safety of workers, specifically within the electronics and manufacturing industry. Our ESD equipment is a vital consideration when working with active electronic components and boards as a form of protection against the dangers of electrostatic discharge.

What is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge, otherwise known as ESD, describes the process of electron transfer between two objects. Since each object is electrically charged, a sudden surge of static electricity is discharged when they come into contact. This is a phenomenon well known to us as it can occur during everyday activities, such as the shock we receive when we walk across a carpet. However, ESD is more detrimental in the electronics sector as the current exerted can cause instant malfunction of electronic components.

ESD Straps from Ioniser-Pro

ESD straps are an effective way to combat ESD when working with sensitive electronic equipment. Available as both an anti-static wrist strap or an anti-static heel strap, our products work through direct contact with the user’s skin. The static electricity generated by the body passes through the strap, which directs the electrical current to a grounding source. Once at the chosen grounding source, which could be a grounding plug via an earth lead, the electricity is successfully dissipated, leaving you to work safely.

Why Should You Use an ESD Strap?

The primary purpose of using an ESD strap is to create a protected workstation when working with sensitive electronic apparatus. If an ESD strap is not used, the risk of transferring electrostatic discharge to the component is high, resulting in considerable harm to the piece. The damage caused by this is likely to be costly, so using one of our products is an easy, cost-effective solution to overcome this.

ESD Accessories from Ioniser-Pro

Other critical elements of ESD protection are contamination control mats and anti-static curtains. Similar to straps, these ESD accessories work to reduce the hazard of electrostatic discharge. The curtains act the same way as the straps, thereby carrying the flow of electricity away from the source to dissipate, avoiding ESD. The mat, however, works in a slightly different way as it acts as the actual grounding source to drain the static electricity from anything in contact with its surface. Both accessories are a valuable asset to any workforce who interact closely with electronic components.

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