The Benefits of ESD Protection

How can our static elimination products benefit your business?

Benefits of Static Elimination and ESD Protection in Industry:

  • Improved productivity
  • Static shock protection
  • Product quality improved
  • Error reduction
  • Contamination prevented
  • Increased efficiency
  • Fewer malfunctions
  • Machines operated at higher speed
  • Less time used on equipment checking and calibration

Ioniser-Pro’s ESD Protection Benefiting Features:

Sealed Construction
The sealed construction of the ioniser bar resists ingress from dust and moisture. If the bar gets wet, please dry with a soft cloth, taking care not to leave lint on the emitter prongs. *Please note, emitter prongs are very sharp, care should always be taken when handling the bar*

Sealed Conduit
The sealed conduit covering the power lead allows additional protection from moisture and dust interference. It also allows the unity of the parts to remain intact and prevents the necessity for assembly.

T-Slot Mounting
Ther Ioniser Bar is fitted using the T-slot on the rear. The supplied bolts and brackets may be positioned to suit the most convenient mounting points. We have a wide range of brackets, please contact us for more information

One Button
Your Ioniser-Pro has only one button to operate. It’s ease of use is as simple as on or off!