The Benefits of ESD Protection

How can our static elimination products Benefit Your Business?

If left unchecked, electrostatic discharge has the power to disrupt production lines, damage electronic equipment, and even pose a fire risk. Here at Ioniser Pro, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to ESD solutions; that’s why we’ve created a range of versatile and adaptable products to tackle ESD in every workspace setting. Not only can our products be used in a variety of settings, but they also come with multiple benefits.


The Benefits of ESD Protection in Industry:

Improved Productivity & Efficiency – having the proper ESD protection in place to safeguard against process disruption from discharging static electricity, improving the productivity of your machinery and employees.

Static Shock Protection – Protect your employees from static shocks with an ESD strap and other accessories.

Improved Product Quality – ESD can damage products, particularly electronics, immediately on contact and over time. So it’s crucial to protect against static to ensure a high-quality product.

Error Reduction – No ESD means a reduced risk of error in your production lines, which can help to save money by preventing material wastage through error.

Prevent Contamination – Adequate ESD protection protects your workspace from the dust and dirt particles attracted to statically charged surfaces.

Fewer Malfunctions – Electronic equipment is less likely to malfunction if ESD control measures are in place.

Machines Operated At Higher Speed – Eliminating the risks posed by ESD will allow machines that naturally cause friction when in use to function optimally without concern of static electricity being generated.

Versatile, Easy To Install ESD Protection

Here at Ioniser Pro, we’ve designed our static control bars to offer the maximum amount of flexibility without compromising on quality. Alongside all of the above benefits, our units are designed specifically with safe, easy installation and functionality in mind.

Sealed Construction

The sealed construction of the ioniser bar resists ingress from dust and moisture. If the bar gets wet, all you have to do is dry with a soft cloth, taking care not to leave lint on the emitter prongs.

Sealed Conduit

The sealed conduit covering the power lead protects from moisture and dust interference. It also allows the unity of the parts to remain intact and prevents the necessity for assembly.

T-Slot Mounting

The Ioniser Bar is fitted using the T-slot on the rear. The supplied bolts and brackets can be positioned to suit the most convenient mounting points. We have a wide range of brackets available.

One Button

The Ioniser-Pro is operated by one button for simple, easy to use functionality.

Alongside our static control bars, we stock a range of products such as static elimination fans for fast flooding of large areas and ESD heel straps for instant, wearable static dissipation. If you would like any information about how Ioniser-Pro can assist with your ESD protection needs, contact us today on 01937 586987 or fill out our online enquiry form.