Static Control in Injection Moulding

There are few industries that struggle more with ESD than the plastics industry. This is because the buildup of static charges is prevalent throughout most plastic processes, so implementing effective static control across your pipeline is essential for the smooth operation of your business.

ESD Risks

There are some processes where static is a benefit and can be controlled, but it’s a hazard that should be eliminated for injection moulding.

Apart from the risk of ESD to operators in the vicinity, there are many points during injection moulding manufacturing that can generate hotspots of static charge.

First is the hopper, which can lead to the plastic pellets sticking to the sides of the hopper itself, which can cause the machine to jam.

Secondly, when the moulded plastic parts are released from the mould itself, the release action can attract the parts to one another or attract contamination.

The third is at the plastic moulding collection. The collection of small plastic parts in the collection bin at the end of a production line can cause a massive amount of static buildup, which will attract dust. This will cause pieces to stick to the conveyor and give the operators rather nasty shocks.

By placing effective ESD prevention at these three spots, you can successfully eliminate the static charge buildup and keep your workflow uninterrupted.

Anti-Static Elimination

Each of these stages can be protected efficiently from the hazards of static discharge with the help of our innovative anti-static technologies. We recommend the Ioniser-Pro Blow and Ioniser-Pro Blow F from our extensive selection.

Both of these are DC (or direct current) ionising blower units. The benefit of using ionising blower units is that they can clean the air more efficiently than other non-ionised units. The device’s direct current uses positive and negative power supplies simultaneously but separately.

Whilst DC isn’t the only choice for creating bipolar ions, DC will make them more efficient, cost-effective, and produce the best results. DC is a fantastic choice for the demanding static control required in injection moulding. These ionisers are specifically designed to remove the static that develops during the injection moulding process.

The Ioniser-Pro Blow comes with two-speed twin fan units specifically designed to flood your assigned area as fast as possible with these static eliminating ions.

This premium static control device blows the air filled with static electricity over our specially designed DC static elimination bars with two high-powered fans. This process successfully neutralises the static charge in the air.

You can benefit from the Turbo Boost function when using the Ioniser-Pro Blow in a larger environment. This enhanced mode will neutralise static over large areas and is also effective for areas with high airflow.

The Ioniser-Pro Blow F comes equipped with the same features as the Ioniser-Pro Blow but with an additional fine particulate filter. As a result, this upgraded model can clean the microscopic dust and plant pollen from the air and neutralise any static.

If you want to know more about any of our other anti-static products or are unsure which solution is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, and one of our experts will answer all your questions.