Maintenance of Static Eliminators

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Maintenance of Static Eliminators

Emitter Maintenance

To maximise the effect of the Ioniser-Pro regular maintenance and cleaning is key

What causes the Ioniser-Pro to become dirty?

There are 3 main reasons that cause Static Eliminator products become dirty or contaminated:

  • The deposition of carbon which builds up on the emitters
  • By nature electric fields attract dust and airborne contaminates
  • Depending on the application, Ink, coatings and production gases can produce a conductive coating on the emitters.

With our ready to use Ioniser-Pro Cleaning Kit you will have everything you need to keep your Ioniser running long term at full capacity. 

What does the kit contain?

when you purchase the Ioniser-Pro Cleaning Kit you will receive:

  • 100ml of our special cleaning solution
  • Anti-static brush
  • protective gloves