Repairs and Warranty

Your Ioniser-Pro is warranted by GSM Valtech Industries Limited to the original purchaser against defects in the construction materials and workmanship for one year after the date of purchase.

Should any problems with your Ioniser-Pro static elimination products arise please contact us where a customer services representitive will assist you. If required they will issue you with a returns number enabling you to ship you unit directly to us. Your Ioniser-Pro should be packaged satisfactorily to prevent further issues or damage and be sent prepaid.

All returns should be shipped along with an authorisation number clearly marked on the outside packaging, failure to do so will result in the package being returned without investigation.

Within the package please include a description of the issues you are experiencing, giving as many details as possible, this will ensure that a prompt response is provided to you.

Also please include instructions on how you would like your unit returned to you after our investigation has been completed.

*Your Ioniser-Pro unit requires a constant uninterrupted 240V supply to work correctly. Unwarranted damage may occur if this is not adhered to*