Anti Static Bars

Static eliminator ioniser bars are vital pieces of kit across many industries where static build-up is a problem. They can be integrated into many applications where static electricity is a concern, as its presence can potentially disrupt production and pose a safety risk. Ioniser-Pro Electrostatic Eliminator bars are a compact, adaptable solution to static issues that can be easily incorporated into a range of production machinery and industrial working areas.

How Does An Static Shock Eliminator Work?

The Ioniser-Pro static shock eliminator bars work by using titanium prong emitters to release an electrical field into the surrounding area. This field breaks down nearby molecules, separating them into positive and negative ions. Charged particles in the vicinity of the static charge eliminator attract the ions until they become neutralised – eliminating the static electricity.

Anti Static Bars from Ioniser Pro

The Ioniser-Pro 600/1200 is a compact and easily mountable DC ionising unit. It is simple to integrate into workplace machinery, production lines or other work areas where static is an issue.

We have designed the power supply to be durable and long-lasting, with a two-metre cable protected by a flexible conduit sealed at both ends. This configuration allows the power supply to be conveniently mounted well away from moving components. The connecting cable carries only low power through a sealed conduit, further enhancing the unit’s safety. The splash-proof conduit provides reassurance for the effective placement of the industrial static eliminator unit.

The sealed construction of the unit means it resists ingress from dust and moisture and negates the need for assembly on installation. All you need to do is fit the bar using the supplied bolts and brackets – positioning wherever is most beneficial for your application. Once installed, the anti static bar is operated simply with one button.

Why Do You Need An Anti Static Bar?

Static electricity is generally undesirable in industry as it attracts dust and other unwanted particles. It is also known to repel print, sprays and powder coatings, thus compromising their physical and aesthetic suitability. Having static electricity in a working environment has many potential dangers, including the risk of ignition of flammable materials, disruption to production lines, and the potential to cause harm to employees. Implementing a static elimination bar into your operation will significantly reduce these risks and play a pivotal role in your overall health and safety program.

If you’re unsure which of our anti static bars is suitable for your application or you would like more information about our static elimination products, give us a call on 01937 586987.