Anti Static for Cleanrooms

Many applications need to be in an environment with static control, but some products are so delicate they require a static-free cleanroom.

Static elimination for Electronics

Electronics manufacturing is a prime example of an area that suffers from uncontrolled static. ESD (electrostatic discharge) is exceptionally harmful to the sensitive parts that make up most electronic equipment. ESD control is essential as it can erase or alter data on hard drives or severely damage components beyond repair through USB ports, output terminals or board connectors.

Apart from product damage, uncontrolled static can lead to random sparks igniting at workstations, posing a health and safety risk, from starting fires to physical harm.

Anti-Static Solutions

We at Ioniser-Pro have many years of experience providing effective anti-static products to companies in a broad range of industries, including electronics manufacturing.static control blower

Our Ioniser-Pro Blow units are designed to keep the air circulating and free from harmful static. Additionally, the circulating air will help cool the room down in high temperatures.

We have two extra special functions that can be added if required. The Ioniser Pro Blow F has a special filter that captures the smallest of particulates, such as pollen. The Pro Blow C has the added benefit of removing odours from the room.

In addition to the Ioniser Pro Blow, we would also recommend our contamination control mat, which removes all contamination from the technicians’ footwear upon entry to the cleanroom, to leave a clean contamination free floor.

We also provide ESD Wrist straps and heel straps. These humble additions to your static control are very effective and are also commonly used in cleanrooms.

Additionally, To get the most out of your anti-static products, we recommend our Ioniser-Pro cleaning kit. Each of our kits contains a 100ml bottle of cleaning solution, protective Nitrile gloves and a specially designed cleaning brush.

To maintain their effectiveness, all anti-static solutions need cleaning and maintenance, and with our ready to use cleaning kits, you can ensure your static protections are never lacking.

If you want to know more about how our static control can help protect your cleanroom environments, please feel free to contact us today, and one of our team members will happily assist you.