Anti Static for Cleanrooms

Whilst there are many applications that are needed for a static free cleanroom, the first and foremost is of course the elimination of static in the air.

Our Ioniser-Pro Blow’s were built for this purpose and will also keep the air clean and cirulating, which will help to cool the room down in high temperatures. We have two extra special functions that can be added if required. The Pro Blow F has a special filter that captures the smallest of particulates such as pollen. The Pro Blow C has the added benefit of removing odours from the room.

In addition to the Pro Blow we would also recommend our contamination control mat which removes all contamination from the technicians footwear upon entry of the clean room, to leave a clean contamination free floor.

ESD Wrist straps and heel straps are also commonly used in cleanrooms where electronic components are built as one example.