Screen Printing

Static Build up when Screen Printing can cause a great deal of problems.

Static issues related to screen print include:

  • Ink manipulation and ‘Ink fly’ – when static builds up, it can result in ink being attracted to the wrong spot, or the complete opposite and can cause the ink to fail to adhere
  • Dust contamination – Just as static can attract and repel ink, the same applies for dust and airbourne particles, which will affect the quality of print.
  • Substrate cling – when two objects are generating a static charge, they stick together which can cause misprints.
  • Operator shock – whilst most of the time these shocks are simply an annoyance, they can cause severe health effects and even spark a fire.

Our Advice

By placing an Ioniser Pro static elimination bar above the screen frame (up to 75mm), the bar will flood the area with ions which will neutralise the charge on an ongoing basis.