General Printing

In the realm of print, there is quite often an imbalance of charge between the ink and the substrate which causes printing defects. Much in the same way as screen printing, due to repulsion and attraction.

This results in the following issues:

  • Dust Attraction
  • Clogged Nozzles
  • Overspray
  • Rejects leading to costly reprints and production delays

To prevent static building up, we suggest passing the substrate through two Ioniser-Pro static elimination bars at the feeding point above and below. This will neutralise the static on both sides of the substrate before print begins and if needed when the finished print is about to be stacked.

While some printer will have static elimination technology built in, there are a majority that do not. Ioniser-Pro bars can be retrofitted to your machinery wherever your static hotspots are.

Stacking and delivery: Once the print gets to this point, the heat and the movement of the substrate will cause very high amounts of static build up.
This tends to cause static shocks to operator, uneven stacking and ‘logging’.

By placing an Ioniser-Pro immediately after the dryer, the substrate will be neutralised by simply passing under the ions omitted by the bar.