Blister Packaging

There are three main hotspots for static build up when filling blister packaging.

Firstly the empty blister pack needs to be free of static before the product is fed into it, as any static generated between the two would cause the product to jump out of the packaging and heighten the risk of dust contamination. Running the empty pack under a static elimination bar, immediately before filling, will solve this quickly.

Secondly as the sheet to seal the pack is a ‘floating conductor’ it will need to be neautralised of static prior to application, so not to attract dust or other air-borne contaminants. Running the film by a static elimination bar prior to sealing is key to fixing this issue.

The final hotspot is the collection bi,n which is the cause of many operatives getting a nasty static shock upon retrieval. This can be remedied by the finished, filled and sealed blister packs passing under a static elimination bar just before dropping into the collection bin.