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New Product Release Confirmed for Interplas

Not only is this our first ever show but we are also launching our new products��.The Ioniser-Pro Blow and Ioniser-Pro Blow F!

The Ioniser-Pro Blow & Ioniser-Pro Blow F are DC ionising blower units are two speed, twin fan units designed for the fast flooding of your work are with static eliminating ions.
The Ioniser-Pro Blow F has the added feature of a special fine particulate filter capable of removing microscopic airborne dust and pollen particles to further improve your work areas whilst effectively managing static levels.
The Ioniser-Pro Blow & Ioniser-Pro Blow F eliminate static by blowing charged air over specially designed DC static elimination bars using two high powered fans, neutralising the air as it passes through the unit. The Ioniser-Pro Blow is supplied as standard with a high (Turbo Boost) function for the fast flooding of static eliminating ions. When switched on, the turbo boost function will allow static elimination in large work areas. It also allows quick elimination in small areas and helps manage static control in high air flow work areas.

Article Published 9.21.2017